Photograph by: Kristen Kaiser

Photograph by: Kristen Kaiser

Photography has always been a passion of mine when I was young. My father had a film camera and I would volunteer to take the pictures on my family outings.

I always wanted a camera for myself and always asked for one for any occasion. I finally got one! I started with a tiny point-and-shoot I received for Christmas and fell in love with taking portraits.

I remember I had a crush on this girl and all I wanted was to take her portrait. Being a shy little boy, I managed to muster up my confidence and asked her if I can take a picture.

She said sure and I took a few simple photos of her. I was so excited and proud of myself! After the “photoshoot” was done, I tucked my camera into my backpack and went to lunch.

During lunch, all I could think about was going home to load the photos to the computer and practice editing. After lunch, I returned to the room. I was looking through my backpack to get my camera out so I can review the photos.

While my hopes were up, they quickly descended into that deep pit in my stomach. My camera was gone. Someone had stolen my precious camera and gone with it, my photos that I worked so hard to get.

I was heartbroken. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Granted, I was barely a teenager when this happened but I look back at that day and would say that was the moment I fell in love with photography.

I dabble in most mediums of art and photography. The photographs I capture are digital and film. Culinary arts is also a medium I enjoy. It’s the only art that nourishes. I love beautiful things. 

I have grown up around the fashion world but never appreciated it until I started photography.